Sydney is a popular tourist destination in Australia that has a large number of attraction sceneries drawing tourists both locally and internationally. The attractions are diverse and some need the active participation of tourists not only watching, but also making it fun. This location is an ideal holiday destination. Things you can do when visiting the place and its environs include:


You must be wondering what kind of swimming is worth travelling to experience. Well, this will not be an ordinary experience since you will get a chance to swim in the most famous beach in Sydney – Bondi Beach. The landmark iceberg pool is a known spot for sunbathers and you need to pay $9 as entrance fee.

Take a Coastal Trek at Balgowlah Heights

Going to Sydney is can also be a plan to work out and keep fit. Tourists trek through a nine-kilometre stretch and double for those who make to and fro walks. The trek starts from Manly to Spit and then back to Manly. The walk is worth your time since there are beaches you can only access by taking part in the trek. While walking, be sure to look out for Boomerangs, giant Kangaroo and a Whale.


Travelling is usually an opportunity to try out new foods. In Sydney, brekky is the food to try out. The specific location to have brekky is at Carriageworks. Saturday is the best day for this since it is usually a market day. Entry is free and there is a seafood chef known as Josh Niland who is there on a weekly basis and prepares delicacies such as fish, sausage rolls, and prawn toast.

Tour the Dharawal National Park

The national park is located near Sydney’s CBD that has great sceneries for you to experience. On the second Saturday of each month, you can enjoy guided tours at the destination.